Manufacturing Services

Laminate/Wood Flooring

  • Specialist report compiled – Relevant to properties and characteristics of laminate/wood flooring
  • Report form been designed to be simple but effective
  • Report includes: room plan, photograph, moisture readings and a conclusion
  • Information gained on a single visit – Enables settlement of any consumer complaint after a single visit


  • Inspection Report Service
  • Re-tufting
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Hand Cropping / Shearing

Rectification Service* for:

  • Pole marks
  • Pressure banding
  • Pile reversal
  • General pile flattening

* We have fully equipped our inspectors to carry out rectification attempts on all of the above problems that can be experienced with a cut pile carpet.

Standard rectification charges, calculated on an hourly basis, will apply with a small one-off charge for equipment rental. This, coupled with the fact that we do not charge a mileage surcharge will ensure that any fees will be extremely competitive.