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What is the Approved Retailer Network (ARN)?

This network has grown over many years to incorporate floorcovering and furniture retailers, national, regional or local, who wish to be a part of a UK wide membership. This network supplies goods to policyholders who need to replace damaged items as a result of an insurance claim. As the replacements are paid for by the Insurance Companies and not the general public, this is blue chip business where payment will be secure. You will, however, need to allow for normal credit terms administered by the Insurance Companies before final payment is made. Invoices cannot be submitted before the goods are fitted and the policyholder is satisfied with the work.

How does the system work?

An Independent Inspections claims inspector will visit a claimant's property to inspect, plan and validate the product for replacement. Once a claim has been settled in favour of the replacement of goods, the policyholder is issued with a mandate from Independent Inspections. This is a voucher that entitles them to purchase the goods at a store of their choice. If a policyholder chooses your shop to replace his floorcoverings he will hand you the mandate. You then authorise the mandate with Independent Inspections who will give you a unique computer generated security number for that job. You can then order the goods and proceed with the fitting. All members will receive promotional material to display in the showroom.

Why become a member?

Increasingly, Insurance Companies are insisting that their Policyholder's use the ARN and we are instructed to refuse authorisation to any retailer who is not part of the scheme

What is the cost of becoming a member?

There is an annual membership fee payable to Independent Inspections Ltd to cover the staff and administration costs of operating the network. A condition of membership is that the supplying retailer must give a 15% discount off the net mandate value to the paying insurance company.

Is there an agreement to sign?

There is a document entitled the "Conditions of Approval" which will be sent to you once your application has been received and is being processed. These conditions must be signed by both parties before approval is ratified.

How do I become a member?

Recruitment of retailers is dependent on several factors including location, standing in the business community and current levels of service. In the first instance, please apply on letter headed paper of your business to: ARN Department, 6 Fulwood Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9NZ.