Case Study

We received a call from a insured policy-holder who had dropped a large, glass candle holder onto a porcelain tile creating a large hole on the surface.

Work undertaken

  • Our on-site investigations team measured and prepared the area on the tile to fill with resin which hardened when dried.
  • The affected area was filled with resin and sanded for a smooth finished
  • The team colour matched, buffed and polished the area to match the existing tile

The outcome

The issue was resolved quickly in a single visit by our specialist team. These porcelain tiles were no longer available for sale, they were also fitted wall to wall, underneath solid skirtings and a large island unit in the centre of the kitchen. They also matched the utility and kitchen, as the flooring ran through the doorways with no breaks. The potential replacement cost for this work would have exceeded £5,000, we were able to achieve an excellent result for £400. The insurer and customer were both delighted with the swift, cost effective and visual outcome of the project.

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